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The scorched Stride Force Drag Tunnel give a nice rustic vibe!


A majority of pitchers have a problem with externally rotating their drive foot, which decreases ground force production and in turn can lessen power output from the lower half. This little movement can effect the velocity and control of the pitch. However, externally rotating the drive foot is a symptom of a larger problem. It can be weak adductor/abductors/quadiceps/ hamstrings/core, rotating the hip too early, and improper form.  With the use of the stride force drag tunnel, pitchers will be able to feel their upper and lower half sync together to produce true launch angle, greater ground force, and powerful energy transfers as well as feel the weak spots on their body. 


The Stride Force Drag Tunnel  is a pitching tool that provides instant feedback to trainers, coaches, and athletes. Created with treated hardwood, the tool is coated with industrial expoxy to allow indoor AND outdoor use.  The bottom is lined with a gorrila grip that will not move on turf, or other surfaces.  The tunnels ramp is positioned in a way that helps place the pitcher into an optimal launch angle and eliminates early rotation of the drive foot and hip. 


When pitchers form, rhythem, and ground force are synced together, it increases the distance in the athletes stride and unlocks greater velocity, while reducing the risk of injury. Enhance your pitchers form efficiency by implementing the Stride Force Drag Tunnel.

Scorched Stride Force Drag Tunnel

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