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Softball Pitching Tunnel


Welcome to Stride Force Softball Gear! I created this page as a way to spotlight my product, the PATENT-PENDING STRIDE FORCE DRAG TUNNEL and the amazing changes it is making for pitchers. A majority of pitchers have a tendency to externally rotate their drive foot which can decrease ground force. When this happens an "anchor drag" appears which increases the pressure on the medial side of the knee. An "anchor drag" is when the entire side of the drag foot is dragging on the ground.  This can increase the risk of injury and decrease power output. Not only does this "anchor drag" cause potential issues, but it is also harder for the athlete to create the appropriate launch angle.

The STRIDE FORCE DRAG TUNNEL was manufactured in a way that can target ground force, launch angle, and eliminate the "anchor drag" all in one. The Tunnel is built with a ramp that is angled to allow a "backboard" for the heel to rest while the ball of the foot is situated on the ground. When the foot is angled in this position the pitcher is actively engaging the quads, hamstrings, glutes, and is forced to stabilize the core. The tunnel walls are shortened in height and length to allow some mobility during the push for athletes of all ages.

With indoor and Outdoor versatility, this tool is the ultimate package. The tunnel is coated with epoxy (that can be customized with a variety of different colors and glitter!!) 

With the appropriate launch angle, increase of ground force, and an internal rotation of the drag leg. The upper and lower body can sync up together to create a positive energy transfer that helps increase velocity, accuracy, and decreases the risk of injury.

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